Posted Jul 10, 2013 by Gym Source in Elliptical Trainers and tagged elliptical trainer, Fitness Tips, Posture.

Why Posture is Important

Elliptical machines have become celebrated exercise machines for building muscle, losing weight and cardio training. But to get the best out of an elliptical trainer, correct posture is essential. Put simply, position your body correctly for the best elliptical results: back straight, shoulders back, glutes out, and head held high. If you don’t normally think about your posture, it might feel unnatural. But good posture is key to injury-free exercise on an elliptical machine, and it can help you achieve even better results.

So how do you maintain good posture on an elliptical trainer? First, make a conscious effort not to hunch or slouch. Stand up straight—taking care not to hang or lean on the hand supports. Most importantly, distribute your weight evenly across the machine as you move.

The position of your pelvis and abdomen are also very important. Consciously pull your abdominal muscles back while you push your pelvis forward. This will put your spine in a neutral position that will minimize back strain during the workout. The best elliptical trainers are ergonomically designed to help encourage good posture. But it’s up to you to ensure that you maintain “proper elliptical body posture” throughout every workout. Be assured that you will be the winner!

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