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Commercial Fitness

We have been in business for 75 years selling fitness solutions that will stand up to the rigors of commercial applications. A few of the fitness markets we serve are hospitality, multi-family housing, corporate fitness, private clubs, medical & wellness, and YMCA/JCCs.

Most of our customers build a fitness facility once every several years. Gym Source sales professionals do it every day - so they are really good at it. They understand that while you are our customer, the gym we design has to be right for YOUR customers. The same product line that is appropriate for a senior living facility won't work for a corporate fitness center.

Gym Source helps get fitness facilities built right - not forgetting the details like getting the proper electrical requirements for the treadmill installed BEFORE the treadmill is delivered. And making sure the internet connections will support the screen interface. We take the "oops" out of your design and install.

And … we don't leave you hanging after the sale to find someone to fix the inevitable occasional failures that happen with all mechanical equipment. The mission of our service department is to make the "Out of Order" sign obsolete. Let the experts at Gym Source help make your commercial fitness facility the most successful aspect of your business.

How Gym Source Can Assist You

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Photo of a commercial fitness equipment at VP Fitness, Providence, RI

Sales Representatives

The sales representatives at Gym Source are truly some of the brightest fitness enthusiasts in the industry.

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