Gym Source pledges to sell only those products that meet the strict biomechanics and technological performance standards of our in-house fitness experts. We stay informed of the latest scientific research and work directly with equipment manufacturers to ensure that the products we carry produce unbeatable results for you and your clients. From accessories to machines, our inventory boasts the largest selection of high-quality fitness products available, allowing us to provide you with equipment that specifically suits the needs of your business. Whether you are a small establishment or one of the largest commercial fitness facilities in the world, Gym Source is dedicated to providing unsurpassed customized fitness solutions to every business we serve.


Gym Source is passionate about providing our clients with durable, first-class commercial fitness equipment that enhances user experience. We are proud to partner with the following companies who we believe share in our commitment to superior quality.


CYBEX offers premium commercial-grade fitness equipment designed to deliver unparalleled results. Whether your clients are first-time users or professional athletes, the company's dedication to exercise science and research gives CYBEX a unique advantage in providing a technical basis for the development of machines that enhance human performance. With over 90 patents, CYBEX equipment is innovative in design, durable in structure and engineered to be biomechanically correct -- producing optimum results with minimal stress on the body. Gym Source proudly partners with CYBEX in creating customized solutions that exceed the expectations of all users, at any level of fitness.


HOIST Fitness Systems produces high-quality strength training, multi-gym and free weight products that ensure an efficient, ergonomically correct workout experience for the user. While the company is based in the USA, their commercial products are utilized all over the world in health clubs, YMCAs, community centers, hotels, personal training facilities, universities, corporate fitness centers, government facilities and military bases. Gym Source uses HOIST equipment, superior in biomechanics, to help you create a fun, effective, and unforgettable exercise experience for your clients.


Octane Fitness is the only equipment manufacturer in the world dedicated exclusively to elliptical cross trainers, and their award-winning machines have quickly earned them the top spot in this highly competitive industry. They are committed to delivering breakthrough, innovative technology with precise focus and proven performance. Gym Source confidently distributes Octane Fitness equipment, as we believe in their uncompromised quality and share in their passion for creating a fantastic user experience.


TRUE is a global leader in premium commercial cardio equipment because of their dedication to technology, innovation, performance, safety and style. This commitment has given rise to a full line of truly extraordinary treadmills, indoor cycles and elliptical cross-trainers. Commercial fitness facilities invest in TRUE products for their signature smooth movement, quiet operation and rugged durability. Gym Source is pleased to work with TRUE in creating customized fitness solutions that will transform your clients’ everyday workouts into extraordinary experiences.


FreeMotion Fitness was founded in 1999 on the basis that one-dimensional training does not carry over to a three-dimensional world. A subsidiary of ICON Health & Fitness, FreeMotion is dedicated to manufacturing unparalleled products, including the first and only full circuit of integrated functional strength training equipment. They have revolutionized the industry with Workout TV™, the first cable-access TV integrated into the console of the equipment, and EPIC Strength™, which utilizes ergonomic design and never-before-seen features to improve traditional strength training. The experts at Gym Source love using FreeMotion’s outstandingly innovative products to create commercial fitness solutions for our clients that are truly one of a kind.


Power Plate, the most recognized brand in the body vibration category, redefines optimal health and wellness equipment for every age and ability. Their ground-breaking technology is used extensively today by professional sports teams, medical facilities, health clubs and studios. They are true pioneers in the fitness industry, and Gym Source confidently partners with PowerPlate to provide commercial fitness solutions that offer benefits such as increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved range of motion, decreased cellulite and increased bone mineral density.

Tuff Stuff

Since 1971, TuffStuff Fitness Equipment Inc has maintained a sharp focus on the design, development and manufacturing of premium grade fitness equipment. Whether supplying strength equipment to the world's finest health clubs or producing the industry's most dependable home gyms, TuffStuff is committed to using only the highest quality materials throughout their product line. As their name suggests, TuffStuff has earned a reputation for building incredibly reliable strength equipment, and Gym Source is confident that you will be just as impressed with their caliber of products as we are.


Hampton’s founders brought their expertise and passion into the fitness market in 1996, and the free weight industry was changed ever since. The company and its technology have quickly become recognized industry-wide for their safety, reliability, and superior design, and their free weight products have earned a reputation as being among the best in the world. Hampton’s free weights, fitness ropes, handles, dumbbell racks, Olympic bars, plates, barbell pads, lat bars, and curl bars are not only designed to be functional, but attractive and low-maintenance as well. Having started in the iron and steel industry, the founders of Hampton Fitness saw free weights as an essential part of any gym experience. Gym Source sees fitness the same way, and we proudly carry Hampton equipment as part of our total fitness lineup.


Schwinn has been evolving with the cycling industry to maintain quality and a modern cycling experience since the company was founded in 1895. With every bike built according to the Schwinn Quality standard, the thrill of riding one of their top-quality machines will never get old. With over one hundred years of heritage, passion, and expertise in the cycling industry, Schwinn is committed to engineering the very best bikes possible. Gym Source respects Schwinn’s devotion to building bikes that allow cyclers of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of cycling, and we are thrilled to partner with them.


StairMaster understands that real work yields real results. Since 1983, they have been providing the fitness industry with workout options that physically challenge users. When it comes to stairclimbing, StairMaster is the undisputed king. Their machines are consistently simple, effective, functional and fun, and Gym Source believes in StairMaster’s commitment to always delivering their best.

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