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  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat: 10:00am - 7:00pm.
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(203) 329-9233

Store Manager

Chad Ripley

The equipment experts at Gym Source of Stamford have the products, the parts, the vehicles, the organization, and the infrastructure to immediately get you going and keep you up and running. With the largest fleet of trucks, most service vehicles on the road, and the friendliest staff in the fitness industry, absolutely no other fitness equipment provider can make this claim. Come see one of our equipment experts at 1008 High Ridge Rd today to experience the Gym Source difference.

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Jason Bernstein

4 months ago

5.0 One of the best most knowledgeable equipment dealer. They stop, and take the time to address and make sure everyone is helped, even during busy hours. They do their best to accommodate different budgets and make sure you get the best equipment you can get with your budget. Equipment sold is all of the best, top of the line. It doesn't get better than their equipment sold. The level of service provided by the Gym Source staff goes above and beyond what is needed. The atmosphere is a relaxed and down to earth feel. You aren't pressured into buying anything. It's nice to walk into a place and just be helped and guided, feeling free to leave without buying anything. They are an example of what customer service and sales should be.

Bill T

3 years ago

1.0 My spouse and I purchased a weight system that we thought would be incredibly helpful for lifting. Come to find out, the system comes in 'ratio's' and we were never explained that. In short, if you were pulling 100lbs, you were actually only pulling 50. Are you kidding me? We called a week later to explain that we are lifting weights that seem too easy… after finding out what the issue was, they said "Well, we told you that from the beginning." Um, NOT. All they cared about was making a sale, PERIOD. We subsequently went to Fitness Showroom where we were treated like a customer and not a commission check.

A Google User

5 years ago

5.0 Comment: Just a quick note to acknowledge the outstanding professionalism and excellent customer service my husband and I received from Chad at the Stamford, Connecticut Gym Source showroom. We were looking for a recumbent exercise bike based on the recommendation of an orthopedic specialist. Chad was extremely knowledgeable and patient in showing us a range of potential products. Without using any "hard sell" techniques, Chad guided us through the various features of the exercise bikes. Originally we were thinking that we did not want to spend more than $2000. However, after spending almost 2 hours with Chad, we decided that high quality was extremely important and ended up purchasing a Cybex recumbent for just over $3000. The sale price was excellent. But the primary reason for adjusting our budget was the effectiveness of Chad in helping us "see" the advantages of purchasing a "health club" quality bike. We could not have asked for a better sales professional than Chad. He is a terrific asset to the Gym Source company. Our thanks to Chad for a terrific shopping and buying experience.

A Google User

6 years ago

1.0 They have given us nothing but poor and extremely slow service for a broken elliptical. Our machine has been broken for almost nine months now despite half a dozen site visits. We wait weeks or months for parts and follow-up visits which invariably fail. They are terrible.

A Google User

9 years ago

1.0 I purchased a Z5 TrueFitness Upright bike from Gymsource in February, 2006. It came with a 1 year warrantee for parts, 2 year labor. The bike broke a few months labor. A repairman came, said he fixed it, and was packing his tools and about to walk out the door when I tested and discovered it wasn't fixed. He tried again, and this time it was worked. Covered by warrantee, so not a big deal. Like most equipment purchasers, I slacked off, and didn't use the bike much or at all through 2007. Started up again in 2008, and it broke in April. A repairman came out, for which we had to pay $200, and announced he needed a spare part that was not in the truck. So he had to come again, charged us ANOTHER $200, then parts and labor on top of that. In August, the heart monitor stopped working, so I had to buy a replacement ($100 - ouch!). In November, the bike broke again. I called and asked Gymsource if there was anything that could be done. I received a very polite brush-off, and was essentially told I could schedule a repair call, at $200 a visit. The cost of the original bike was $1100, of which I've now paid almost 50% in repair bills, so I'm giving up and throwing it out. Not something I can easily afford, but I can't afford to throw money down a bottomless hole either. Before you purchase anything, please look closely at the warrantee and ask yourself if you can afford a product that breaks with every six months of actual use.