12232 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

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(301) 287-8600

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James Bond

The equipment experts at Gym Source of Rockville have the products, the parts, the vehicles, the organization, and the infrastructure to immediately get you going and keep you up and running. With the largest fleet of trucks, most service vehicles on the road, and the friendliest staff in the fitness industry, absolutely no other fitness equipment provider can make this claim. Come see one of our equipment experts at 12232 Rockville Pike today to experience the Gym Source difference.

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Lauren Arky

5 months ago

5.0 I had an excellent experience here with Loren and Troy. I came in after doing some research but they really helped me figure out which brand of equipment (spin bike) would be best for what we wanted. They were fair and easy to work with and I would absolutely recommend! We were also happy with the men who delivered our indoor bike. They were Holy to answer as many questions as needed.

Janet Varga Berry

5 months ago


James Richards

10 months ago

2.0 Lots of frustration getting a recent Gym Source service call concluded on a treadmill we bought at this location about a year and a half ago. Treadmill diagnosis and repair took three trips total; Gym Source technician did not know how to isolate the fault and only ordered half the parts necessary to completely fix the problem. He also left the treadmill, which is 400lbs, moved from its original position and off the mat that it sits on. When I mentioned this during the call to schedule both the second and third visit, the operator (not a local employee - they are in Florida) promised to "make notes on my file" and "pass the message along to the technician," but after the third call, the treadmill was not only still off the mat, the tech had moved other equipment and left it away from its original location. My wife and I put the treadmill back as best we could, but it really sucks that the tech felt like he could move it to fix the technical issue but not have to move it back so it is where we can use it without affecting our carpet or the other stuff in our exercise area. He also left the trash from the repair sitting on the TV stand. So much for Gym Source's commitment to customer satisfaction and service. To be fair, it was warranty service, so there was no charge, and the treadmill now works, but we really don't feel happy about the way it was handled. This experience gets a generous 2 stars.

Dean D'Angelo

11 months ago

5.0 Great pricing, service and delivery/set-up. Highly tecommended

David Roberts

11 months ago

5.0 Great service. Very knowledgeable and helpful.