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Around the world, the Valslide Movement has become a fitness phenomenon. Everyone from professional athletes to celebrities is now using the Valslide fitness system to tone up and get in shape. Offering a practically limitless supply of powerful exercises, the Valslide makes it easy for fitness enthusiasts to achieve their preferred level of fitness. With the Valslide, it is possible to burn more calories, build more muscle, lose more fat, and gain more strength.

The Valslide offers an easy to use, portable method for getting in an effective workout. With this system, users are able to work out wherever and whenever they wish. There are no extra accessories or moving parts to be concerned about with this simple system. Through the distribution of muscles during workout routines, users can simplify their routine while taking their workouts to the next level.

Developed by celebrity trainer Valerie Waters, the Valslide offers a convenient and effective method for sculpting the body. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Valslide, it is easy for users to maximize workout routines regardless of their current fitness level. A variety of simple exercises is included with the Valslide, making it a highly versatile piece of fitness equipment. Small enough to fit into a briefcase or a purse, the Valslide can be conveniently brought along on business trips or to the gym. This is the only piece of fitness equipment needed to get in a comprehensive full body workout.

Utilizing the body's core strength, Valslide helps to keep users stabilized during every exercise performed. As a result, workouts become more effective and users are able to burn more calories, achieve better balance and witness faster results. Designed to provide the benefits of compound movements for cardio, balance, and core stability, Valslide is easy on the body while providing an effective exercise tools for the back, chest, shoulder, and legs.