True CS200 Elliptical Trainer

MSRP: $4,099.00

True Fitness cs200 Recumbent Bike

MSRP: $2,599.00

True CS200 Upright Bike

MSRP: $2,199.00

True Fitness cs400 Elliptical

STARTS AT: $6,499.00

True Fitness cs400 Bike

STARTS AT: $2,499.00

True Treadmill CS600

STARTS AT: $6,799.00

True CS650 Treadmill

STARTS AT: $7,499.00

CS900 True Commercial Elliptical

STARTS AT: $6,599.00

Commercial CS900 Treadmill from True

STARTS AT: $8,299.00

True CS900 Upright Bike Escalate Console

STARTS AT: $3,159.00

As a global leader in premium commercial cardio equipment, TRUE Fitness is dedicated to technology, innovation, performance, safety and style. This commitment has given rise to a full line of truly extraordinary treadmills, indoor cycles and elliptical cross-trainers.Commercial fitness facilities continually invest in TRUE products for their signature smooth movement, quiet operation and rugged durability.