Commercial Ab Coaster CS1500

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MSRP: $899.00

CS3000 Ab Coaster

MSRP: $1,499.00

Oblique Workout Ab Coaster

MSRP: $1,499.00

Ab Solo Ab Workout

MSRP: $2,499.00

X3S Ab Bench

MSRP: $449.00

X2 Ab Bench

MSRP: $1,499.00

Front of 180 Tire Flip

MSRP: $1,799.00

Front of Tire Flip 180 XL

MSRP: $1,999.00

The The Abs Company is a revolutionary exercise device taking abdominal training in a whole new direction. Coaster’s patented design, combined with its plate-loading resistance system, allows anyone— professional athletes, health club members, and home exercisers—to achieve great abs in the most effective way possible. How? By engaging your abs from start-to-finish, the Ab Coaster gives you a constant core contraction with every repetition. Plus, the multi-angle seat adjusts to target your obliques at every angle for a complete abdominal workout.