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A modern twist on a classic design, the beautiful, sleek Contour L5 Inversion Table provides unparalleled user-friendliness and security.

Contour L5 Inversion Table Overview

A modern twist on a classic design, the beautiful, sleek Contour L5 Inversion Table provides unparalleled user-friendliness and security. The ergonomic Flex-Technology™ bed and Deluxe EZ-Reach™ Ankle System enhance the user experience to achieve the ultimate in joint and back pain relief. Just a few minutes a day on the Teeter can naturally stretch the back and spine to help relieve back pain, improve joint health, and increase flexibility, plus build and tone muscles with inverted exercises.

Key Features of the Teeter Hang Ups Contour L5 Inversion Table

Independent Quality-Assurance Tested to Highest Safety Standard
Voluntary compliance to UL’s inversion table safety standard makes Teeter Hang Ups the only inversion brand with certified quality.
Notable features with the Contour L5
  • Deluxe EZ-Reach Ankle System: The extra-long handle for the ankle lock system reduces the need for bending; made of aerospace-grade stainless steel with a gravity lock safety system.
  • One-Click Balance Feature: The patented pivot system with balance point adjustment makes finding your ideal setting a snap – one click transforms the balance point to accommodate users of different shapes and sizes without the need to remove the bed from the frame.
  • Sleek Frame Design: Creates both an aesthetic and functional benefit – the style is like none other in the market and the curve of the front legs allow easier mounting and dismounting.
  • Pre-set Rotation Control: The EZ-Angle Tether Strap is a unique feature that allows pre-set angles at 20, 40 or 60 degrees and provides an easy guide to where the benefits of inversion begin and are fully realized.
  • Patent-pending Pivot System: Ensures a lifetime of squeak and rattle-free rotation.
Ergonomic Flex Technology
Our patented design moves with you, accommodating stretches for greater range of motion. Movement while inverted encourages realignment and relaxes muscles.
BONUS Adjustable Acupressure Nodes
Soft foam "Buttons" in two sizes insert into the Flex Technology bed, providing healing pressure for the supporting muscles of the spine.
BONUS Decompression Arch
Designed to enhance the decompression and alignment benefits of inversion; provides a point of support that helps to focus traction on the lower back or neck.
Optimum Decompression Surface
The smooth surface reduces friction, allowing the body to slide and achieve the optimum decompressive stretch.
No Tear, No Stain Construction
Plastic injection-molded construction is more durable than typical nylon or vinyl beds vulnerable to wear and tear. The easy-to-clean surface ensures pristine appearance over years of use.
Adjustable Head Pillow
Soft foam pillow can be moved or removed for your comfort needs.
Large Support Hand Grips
Durable, rubber-coated handles provide easy-reach assistance while maintaining a compact profile for storage. Can be used as “traction handles” for additional stretching and decompression while inverted.
Ergo-Embrace Supports
Pressure-reducing specialty foam cups surround the ankles, distributing body weight comfortably around the foot and heel. This design greatly reduces ankle discomfort to allow for a relaxing and secure user experience.
Ankle Comfort Dial
The foot platform design dials up or down for smaller or larger feet, allowing a comfortable and secure fit for the ankle clamps.
Precision Balancing
Compared with competing brands, engineering tests have shown that Teeter inversion tables are the most precisely balanced. The superior design allows controlled oscillation with minimal effort, promoting fluid movement in the joints, and allows secure lockout in full inversion for advanced exercises and stretching.
Stable Base (and added floor protection)
Corner feet reduce sliding on hard surfaces.
High Quality Finishes
Features scratch-resistant powder coating and heat-treated steel.
Easy Assembly
Arrives 85% pre-assembled with less than ¼ the average number of parts of other inversion tables; includes tools for assembly.
Quick Storage
Folds in just a few seconds to 25" x 27.75" x 68" (63.5 x 70.5 x 172.7 cm).
Value Added
Comes with a laminated Owner’s Manual attached to the frame for quick-reference and an Instructional DVD to guide you through assembly and use.
Bonus Healthy Back DVD Content
FIVE 10-15 minute Healthy Back exercise and stretching classes by Dr. Shawn, including Good Morning (wake up and warm up your spine), Strength & Stretch (build your core muscles), Posture Correction (look better and function better), Gym Ball (a specialized core building class), and Inversion Table (to receive the maximum benefits from your Teeter Hang Ups).
5-Year Warranty
Unparalleled in the industry; covers all components.
Teeter Hang Ups offers the only inversion tables on the market that can be modified with accessories (sold separately): Better Back Acupressure Nodes (4-Pack) – Soft “buttons” in two sizes insert into the openings of the Flex-Technology bed, providing healing pressure for the supporting muscles of the spine. Note The Nodes will not fit into the peripheral holes.
Manufacturer Teeter
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Warranty 5-Year