Prestige Strength VRS Tricep Press by Cybex

STARTS AT: $4,887.00

Cybex Plate Loaded Row Machine

MSRP: $2,727.00

Cybex Scott Curl

MSRP: $1,075.00

Cybex Seated Calf

MSRP: $1,971.00

Cybex Smith Press Fitness Machine

MSRP: $4,747.00

Squat Rack from Cybex

MSRP: $2,155.00

Tricep Press from Cybex

MSRP: $1,615.00

Utility Bench from Cybex

MSRP: $513.00

VR1 Ab/Back Machine from Cybex

MSRP: $4,617.00

VR1 Arm Curl from Cybex

MSRP: $3,159.00

VR1 Back Extension from Cybex

MSRP: $3,883.00

VR1 Bicep/Tricep from Cybex

MSRP: $3,667.00

Cybex VR1 - CPS

MSRP: $3,667.00

VR1 Fly/Rear from Cybex

MSRP: $4,639.00

Cybex VR1 - Glute

MSRP: $4,099.00

Cybex VR1 - Lat

MSRP: $3,667.00

Lateral Row VR1 Cybex

MSRP: $5,071.00

Dual Leg Extension Leg Curl from Cybex

MSRP: $5,071.00

VR1 Leg Extension from Cybex

MSRP: $3,667.00

VR1 Leg Extenstion with SRL from Cybex

MSRP: $3,883.00

Cybex VR1 - LPRS

MSRP: $5,611.00

VR1 Multi Press from Cybex

MSRP: $5,071.00

No fitness routine is truly complete without strength training. Strength training is exercise that uses resistance to strengthen and condition the muscles, so it’s an absolute must when it comes to losing weight, building muscle and increasing anaerobic endurance. In addition to looking and feeling great, regular strength training will increase your bone density and performance as well as help prevent injuries.

At Gym Source, we only sell the best strength training machines from the industry’s most trusted brands like TuffStuff, Hoist, Cybex and Marpo. When it comes to strength training, benefit from our experience. As America’s largest distributor of residential and commercial fitness equipment, Gym Source is the undisputed leader in fitness expertise. Our in-house team of fitness experts and service personnel can design, deliver, install and service the fitness needs of any facility.