Height Rod Scale

MSRP: $286.00

Digital Scale from Escali

MSRP: $89.95

It’s about health, it’s about a better life, but it’s also about data. You can’t know if your exercise regimen is truly effective and working unless you can measure its effect on your body. That’s where the Health-o-Meter comes in.

Health-o-Meter has been making top-quality scales since 1919. They’re precise, durable, and innovative in design and calibration. You simply won’t find better scales- and that’s exactly the sort of quality dominance Gym Source demands from every one of our manufacturers.

Some people are casual weight checkers, others use scales to track their weight loss goals, and still others utilize weight scales as part of their enthusiastic approach to fitness. But regardless of your commitment to the number on the scale, you’ll find your needs met with a Health-o-Meter product. Track your weight loss progress or use the scale to monitor your goals with products that are easy to use, accurate, precise, and of incredible value.

Whether it’s for the home, the training studio, the commercial gym, or anywhere else, we’re absolutely certain your fitness program is better with Health-o-Meter on your side.