SAV Air Fitness Mat

MSRP: $33.10

In business since 1882, Danskin was founded in New York City by Joel and Benson Goodman, two brothers who sought to manufacture products specifically to meet the needs of dancers. Since that time, Danskin has evolved to become one of the leading manufacturers of dance and fitness products for women and girls in the world. The company has become known for its history of innovation by producing the first leotards and knit tights. Danskin also pioneered the production of the first fishnet stockings.

Throughout the late 19th century as well as moving forward into the 20th century, the company continued to dominate the market for dancewear and rapidly expanded their influence in the world of athletics and fitness by introducing Danskin for figure skaters and gymnasts. As the producer of the first nylon bodywear for the general population, Danskin continued its commitment to ingenuity and quickly captured an 80 percent share of the bodywear market, including swimwear. Ranked #35 of the WWD top 100 brands 124 years after the company was founded, Danskin has continued to demonstrate its commitment to producing quality athletic apparel and products for women.

Gym Source is pleased to bring you the highest quality athletic products, including the SAV Air Mat from Danskin. Constructed of the highest quality materials, this mat is designed to provide you with complete comfort and stability while you move through various positions. Ideal for use at home as well as in the studio for all types of floor workouts, this mat is lightweight enough to be completely portable. Superior padding ensures you have all of the support you need for the hips, legs, knees, and other areas that might come into contact with a hard floor. The gentle texture of this mat helps to prevent slips while moving from one position to the next.