Boxing-inspired High Intensity Interval Training

MSRP: $6,995.00

Nexersys Pro Boxing Unit

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MSRP: $6,995.00

Nexersys’ brand philosophy is Hard body, Strong Mind and Nexersys is all about improving physical and mental fitness with their “strike” workout experience – a high tech, digital, computer game and boxing style workout that pits boxer against machine in a game to see who’s the fastest and fittest of all. The user engages in a fight with an “opponent” by striking particular square red “X” pads increasingly more quickly and harder than they did before.

Nexersys is an exercise system that is all about fun fitness and providing a unique, cognitive-enhancing workout experience that makes you forget you’re actually working out.

What makes the Nexersys even more fun? After pitting yourself against the Nexersys, you can share your exercise data with the push of a button with friends and competitors on social media.

Striking workouts are loved by fitness enthusiasts of all kinds from boxers and kick boxers to professional athletes from all sports—anyone who wants to improve reaction time, coordination, quick thinking skills, strength, cardio – all of it.

Feature a Nexersys at your gym and you’re sure to be the hottest fitness spot in town. In fact, you might want two. Those waiting lines can get really long.