Lifeline Beaded Rope

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Lifeline USA has been a recognized leader in the fitness industry for more than 40 years. Dedicated to continuously developing ground-breaking training tools, Lifeline continues to define the standard for professional grade products used for functional training and progressive variable resistance. Founded by Bobby "Sugar" Hinds the fitness legend in 1973, Lifeline was the creator of the first beaded jump rope. Known as the "Jump Rope King," Hinds understood that although simple, the jump rope had the power to help users get in shape fast. While traveling the United States, Hinds promoted the benefits of his smooth-action beaded jump rump, setting records, as he went.

When you want to get in shape quickly, a high speed jump rope like the Lifeline beaded jump rope is the ideal solution. When Hinds first introduced his beaded jump rope and Jump Rope Fitness booklet, he completely revolutionized the fitness industry. As both an amateur and pro boxer, Hinds recognized that the jump rope offered a superior method for improving endurance, gaining strength, and losing weight quickly.

•    One 9' 6" beaded jump rope
•    Two foam cushioned handles
•    The Lifeline Beaded Jump Rope is adjustable to accommodate all heights
•    Balanced and weighted plastic extrusions allow for maximum control and speed
•    Increases agility, speed, and strength
•    Includes progress chart and caloric expenditure formula
•    Jump rope fitness workout book

The Lifeline USA Beaded Jump Rope is much more than just a jump rope, it provides the best full-body conditioning possible. The lightweight design of this jump rope makes it possible to take with you everywhere, ensuring a convenient workout from any location. Featuring cushioned handles, this beaded jump rope is designed to provide perfectly balanced arching action. With the Your Guide to Jump Rope Fitness workout book by legendary Bobby Hinds, this beaded jump rope can help you to take charge of your fitness and get in shape fast. Ideal for individuals as well as for use in fitness clubs and gyms.