Gym Source’s unyielding commitment to quality has inspired us to carry yet another award-winning brand. With accolades for multiple products and for multiple lines of equipment, Hoist Fitness has created a name for themselves as a company that can be trusted. They carry an extensive line of commercial strength equipment, compact consumer designs, and iconic indoor cycling bikes that are ubiquitous in health clubs and households across the nation.

Founded by Greg LeMond, the LeMond line of Hoist cycle bikes represents a specialty lineup of cardio machines ideal for both commercial and home use. Gym Source carries all four commercial and consumer products as well as optional accessories to upgrade your ride. Health club owners should consider the RevMaster Pro, a twist on the classic model that features a narrower crank design, custom 4-way microfit, and a “Next Generation” X frame.

Users intent on populating their home gym with only the very best should consider one of the other three models. Find comfort in the affordability of the RevMaster Sport, sit back recumbent-style in the G-Force RT, or replicate the feeling of a road bike with the G-Force UT; whatever your choice, your satisfaction is guaranteed.