Kettlebells from VTX

STARTS AT: $21.00

No stand-alone free weights have revolutionized fitness the way kettlebells have. Due to their unique shape, kettlebells provide a time-saving, fat torching, calorie burning, and effective strength, functional conditioning, balance, and flexibility workout all in one highly portable, highly swing-able weight.

Every home and commercial gym should offer kettlebells of various weights. Lighter kettlebells are great for high rep workouts that build long, lean muscle, improve flexibility and balance, and provide an intensive longer cardio workout, while heavy kettlebells are great for a fast workout that builds muscle massive muscle and literally melts fat off the body.

Gym Source knows you need kettlebells for your commercial and home gyms. We are proud to feature what we’ve found are the two highest quality brands of kettlebells manufactured in the world today, SPRI and VTX kettlebells. SPRI’s vinyl coated, color coded kettlebells that range in weights from 5 to 50 lbs. are a favorite of commercial and home gym owners everywhere.