Jacobs Ladder Machine

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MSRP: $4,295.00

Jacob's Ladder 2

MSRP: $3,295.00

If you’re serious about conditioning, you should consider all the benefits of the innovative Jacobs Ladder treadmill climber. The cardio machine is designed with ladder-type rungs that move on a continuous, non-motorized treadmill. With one of these exercise machines you’re the boss, setting the pace to determine how quickly the rungs move and how hard you work your muscles. By purchasing this piece of cardio workout equipment you’ll be in good hands, as it’s a favorite exercise method of the FBI, multiple branches of the military, division I colleges, and several pro football teams.

Jacobs Ladder machines provide gym goers with a comprehensive workout that gets the heart pumping while building strength in both the upper and lower body. It’s a patented design that is easy on your joints while allowing you the increased range of motion necessary to get a more effective exercise.

The Jacobs Ladder design was developed by Steve Nichols, a fitness champion from Western N.Y., after he faced some severe injuries and needed a new type of gym equipment. He invented this new exercise so that everyone, regardless of physical ailment or fitness level, could enjoy a powerful cardio and strength training workout. Fitness professionals all over the country, including Gym Source’s own fitness experts, endorse the Jacobs Ladder’s excellence and superiority as a workout machine.