Red Gripmaster

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MSRP: $15.00

GRIPMASTER hand exercisers are specifically designed to help users improve grip as well as develop and enhance hand and forearm strength. Trainers, athletes, and musicians rely on GRIPMASTER hand exercisers for improving their strength and performance.

These high quality hand exercisers work by focusing on the wrist and finger flexors, which are the longer muscles located in the wrist and forearm. The tendon components of these muscles extend across the wrist and are attached to the bones in order to move the wrist and the fingers. By exercising these flexors, you are able to increase forearm and hand strength and improve grip. GRIPMASTER hand exercisers give users the ability to focus specifically on those flexors. These hand exercisers also allow users to work the smaller muscles of the hand that are located at the base of the thumb, across the hand, and the small finger. It is these muscles that are responsible for finer movements as well as control of the fingers and coordination. With GRIPMASTER, users are able to improve coordination, endurance, and strength of all of the muscles located within the hand as well as the majority of tendons and muscles in the forearm. No other hand exerciser is able to isolate as well as develop each finger in an individual manner in the way that the patented GRIPMASTER is able to do. An ergonomic palm bar on these hand exercisers provides enhanced control and comfort.

The compact size of the GRIPMASTER makes it highly portable, it can even be carried in your pocket. For an effective isolate resistance workout, GRIPMASTER is the ideal choice for users who wish to develop and maintain control, strength, coordination, dexterity, and endurance in order to ensure a competitive edge. GRIPMASTER is perfect for golfers, tennis players, climbers, weightlifters, basketball players, and baseball players.