When First Degree Fitness was started in 2000, the founders had one goal in mind: to offer the commercial fitness industry a new range of robust, simple machines that would rival anything seen before. The company prides itself on being able to provide users of all ages and fitness levels a unique experience that is perfectly tailored to produce unbelievable results. All of First Degree’s products are built around the effectiveness of a resistance system that maximizes the efficiency of every motion. The designers bring over half a century of experience to the industry, which they have used to develop a fluid technology system that hits the resistance “sweet spot.”

“Fluid Technology” delivers resistance more adjustable than any other type of system. Users can adjust their experience at the touch of a lever – even in the middle of a workout. Lightweight individuals and heavyweight athletes alike can benefit perfect physical properties found in something as simple as water.

Gym Source carries the Viking 2AR Rower, a beautiful deviation from traditional rowing machines. Ethically constructed from solid American Ash, this is one machine that will enhance, not detract, from the décor in any home. Fully adjustable and with ergonomic design, the technology of this machine translates into a quieter, smoother experience with greater isometric gains.