Cybex 770AT Arc Trainer

26 Reviews

STARTS AT: $8,995.00

ZR8000 Zero Runner

STARTS AT: $8,399.00

Cybex 770A Arc Trainer

2 Reviews

STARTS AT: $8,245.00

625AT Arc Trainer from Cybex

2 Reviews

STARTS AT: $8,195.00

TRUE Spectrum TS 1000

STARTS AT: $7,849.00

Cybex 625A Lower Body Arc Trainer

STARTS AT: $7,795.00

Lateral X from Octane

STARTS AT: $7,699.00

TRUE C900 Elliptical

STARTS AT: $6,749.00

Octane 4700 Cross Trainer

STARTS AT: $6,599.00

525AT Arc Trainer from Cybex

15 Reviews

STARTS AT: $5,695.00

Octane 3700 Elliptical

STARTS AT: $5,499.00

Octane XR6000 Recumbent Elliptical

STARTS AT: $5,399.00

TRUE Traverse TL  1000

STARTS AT: $5,349.00

Q47 Ellpitical Trainer from Octane

1 Review

STARTS AT: $4,599.00

TRUE C400 Elliptical

STARTS AT: $4,549.00

At Gym Source, we understand there’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ elliptical machine. That’s why we choose to showcase only the most customizable, ergonomically adjustable elliptical trainers in the industry. The brands and models we carry-like those from Octane, Cybex and TRUE-have without question the most bio-mechanically correct, fully adjustable technology available to make for an ideal fit for your specific needs. This guarantees a great workout without stressing your knees, back, and hips. What’s more, it means a more enjoyable workout of for you, and a greater ability to reach your goals.