Medicine Balls from Dynamax

STARTS AT: $80.00

Dynamax Medicine Balls were invented in 1985 by two fitness coaches, Bruce Evans and Jim Cawley, who were trying to find the perfect training tool to improve speed, velocity, power, agility, and strength in athletes. They decided that a weighted ball, much like the weighted bags the Greeks tossed to improve agility and balance in the field, were ideal but could find no ball in the world that met their criteria.

These weighted impact-absorbing balls are highly effective training tools that have revolutionized fitness, providing trainers and gym instructors around the world new ways to work out that are fun, challenging, and improve athletic performance, balance, mental quickness, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

Today, coaches for the Olympics to the NFL to the NBA work medicine balls into their players’ training regimens, finding that becoming a master of this weighted ball improves their players’ skills with basketballs, footballs, and shotputs as well.