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MSRP: $319.00

The Cybex FT 450 Bench is designed for use with the Bravo Functional Training System. The bench provides endless exercise and training capabilities, allowing users to work out with the Bravo Functional Trainer’s pulleys from a reclining position on their back, lying on their side, or sitting to challenge the core, arm, back, neck, and oblique muscles from new angles that sculpt the body, develop the V, and whittle down the waist.

Users can also use the bench to work out with free weights, lift big iron, do chest presses, bicep curls, tricep work, and many other exercises.

The Cybex FT 450 Bench is designed for maximum comfort, safety, and durability. It’s also stylishly designed to match the Cybex Bravo Functional Training System and is adjusted to the proper height to work out with all the pulleys on the system and challenge the muscles perfectly.

The Cybex FT450 Bench can be used with virtually any commercial or home gym. Every detail has been carefully considered to emphasize comfort and stability without sacrificing mobility and freedom of movement. Designed specifically for use with the Bravo Functional Training system to provide even greater training possibilities, the optional Utility Bench allows users to perform a variety of movements from the seated position with or without the Progressive Stabilization pad.

Manufacturer Cybex
Contact Heart Rate No
Heart Rate No
Hrc Cruise Control No
Orientation Horizontal
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Warranty Yes