SPARC from Cybex

MSRP: $3,995.00

Cybex 770A Arc Trainer

2 Reviews

STARTS AT: $8,245.00

Cybex 770AT Arc Trainer

26 Reviews

STARTS AT: $8,995.00

525AT Arc Trainer from Cybex

15 Reviews

STARTS AT: $5,695.00

625AT Arc Trainer from Cybex

2 Reviews

STARTS AT: $8,195.00

Cybex 625A Lower Body Arc Trainer

STARTS AT: $7,795.00

Whatever your fitness goals, Cybex has a cross trainer for you. In fact, Cybex's celebrated Arc Trainer is scientifically tested to be gentler on your joints, burn 16% more calories than a traditional elliptical, and is stronger and more durable than the leading elliptical machines. So whether you want functional training, hi-intensity training, or training for weight loss—Cybex ellipticals provide an exercise solution for every training interest.