Incline Press from Cybex

MSRP: $2,727.00

Diverging Lateral Pull from Cybex

MSRP: $2,727.00

Cybex Seated Calf

MSRP: $1,971.00

Cybex Plate Loaded Row Machine

MSRP: $2,727.00

VR1 Hip Ad/Ad Cybex

MSRP: $4,617.00

Dual Leg Extension Leg Curl from Cybex

MSRP: $5,071.00

Cybex Scott Curl

MSRP: $1,075.00

Squat Rack from Cybex

MSRP: $2,155.00

Lateral Row VR1 Cybex

MSRP: $5,071.00

Tricep Press from Cybex

MSRP: $1,615.00

VR1 Arm Extension from Cybex

MSRP: $3,559.00

Whether your facility is a health club, a campus gym, or a hotel fitness room, Cybex is a top-rated brand that adds credibility to your fitness offering. With a variety of safe, durable, and effective fitness solutions to meet the needs of every user—including the award-winning Arc Trainer and Bravo line of functional trainers—Cybex takes your facility to the next level. And when your Cybex equipment needs servicing, Gym Source is your fast, efficient on-call source for expert repair and maintenance.