Nexersys Pro Boxing Unit

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MSRP: $6,995.00

Boxing-inspired High Intensity Interval Training

MSRP: $6,995.00

If you’ve ever boxed before, you know that it’s an ideal workout for both building strength and improving balance and stability. It’s also the perfect exercise for getting out excess energy after a stressful day. Whether you’re interested in a punching bag, speed bag platform, or specialty training machine, Gym Source has just what you need. Our models can both withstand the high traffic in a commercial gym and fit conveniently into small spaces in your home or apartment.

Gym Source is known for its high standards and commitment to quality. We’ve scoured the industry for the top-rated punching bags and boxing equipment to ensure we offer you only the most effective and efficient models. After all, the right punching bag can improve your life in infinite ways. Our broad selection includes both Balazs and Nexersys brands – brands our fitness experts have researched extensively. If training and top fitness is your ultimate individual goal (as it should be!), look no further than Gym Source’s collection of wall mounts, speed bag platforms, and canvas punching bags, as well as boxing training equipment from Nexersys.

With a variety of price points and features, you’ll absolutely find your perfect punching bag in stock here. Try one of our Balazs punching bags, made from 18 oz. vinyl-coated nylon and stuffed with non-cotton rag material for better packing and settling. Or choose from one of our Nexersys boxing trainers for a game-like experience that will increase your skill level, promote fitness, and make working out so fun you won’t want to stop. Or if you’re looking for hardware, we carry an assortment of durable and long-lasting platforms and wall mounts to meet your every need.

Whatever your boxing and fitness goals, Gym Source has you covered. We’re the undisputed leader in fitness expertise. With 31 stores in 10 states, and more than 200,000 customers in 47 countries, Gym Source maintains its reputation by consistently providing the best customer service and selling only the best equipment. The in-house Gym Source team of fitness experts and service personnel can design, deliver, install and service the fitness needs of any facility.