Battle ropes provide all the benefits of strength and cardio workouts, offering users a fun and interactive way to boost strength, endurance, resilience, and stamina. Although battle ropes have long been known for providing a great upper body workout, what most people do not know is that battle ropes work the entire body, from the glutes, to the abs, to the hamstrings.

Users can also combine rope exercises with jumps and squats to create routines that challenge multiple muscle groups of the body.

Battle ropes offer a dynamic, flowing form of movement which challenges hard to target muscles that resistance machines cannot touch. Plus, with battle ropes, you can intensify the difficulty of the movement simply by moving closer to the anchor point.

We love the Unified Fitness Monkey Ropes for their high quality nylon fibers, their safety profile, and that they offer a challenging workout that is low impact and safe for your clientele.