Pro Style Curl Barbells from Troy

STARTS AT: $120.00

Troy Barbell 20 Pounds

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STARTS AT: $120.00

Pro 530 NuGym Weight Set

STARTS AT: $995.00

NuGym Elite 530 Yellow

STARTS AT: $1,499.00

Barbells are one way to get an all-around resistance training workout with just one trustworthy and portable piece of equipment.

Deadlifts with barbells challenge every muscle group of the body from the hamstrings to the abdominals and, of course, the arms, neck, and back.

With just one piece of equipment, the barbell, you can do an endless array of challenging lifts, from squats, to lunges and crunches, to extensions, and bench presses as well. You can also do flows, seguing from a squat to a lift, which builds multiple muscle groups at once and improves cardio fitness as well.

Whether you prefer a traditional, straight bar-type barbell or an ergonomic curling bar that takes the strain off the wrists and elbows, you’re sure to find a set of barbells that seem custom-designed just for you at GymSource.