AP7400X from TuffStuff

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MSRP: $11,802.00

Since 1971, TuffStuff Fitness has manufactured some of the most reliable fitness equipment in the industry. They truly live up to their name because their tough, resilient gym equipment stands the test of time.

Today, TuffStuff Fitness is the only gym equipment retailer in the world who has not outsourced their manufacturing outside of the USA. This makes a huge difference in the quality of their products, as they can oversee and control every aspect of production.

Their Apollo line is perfect for the home gym connoisseur who wants a total gym experience in the comfort of their own residence. Apollo’s multi-station gyms are designed by engineers and fitness professionals to challenge every muscle group in the body, the equivalent of hitting every machine in the gym.

Producing their home gym equipment line with the same precision as their commercial lines, you can select Apollo and know you are getting 21st century engineering and technology combined with old school quality that lasts.