Anti-vibration flooring is a quick and simple solution for noisy cardio machines. This type of flooring helps control noise and vibration while providing shock absorption, impact protection and a safe, non-slip surface for users. Minimizing vibration also helps protect your fitness equipment and floors from scratches and damage. The anti-vibration flooring solutions available at Gym Source are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and will lengthen the life of both your equipment and facility floors.

Anti-vibration flooring is as important to your gym as the gym equipment itself. Rubber flooring and mats not only protect your floor from the kind of significant damage that heavy exercise equipment can do to it, they also protect the machines from damage that is caused by the rocking and knocking they go through whenever they’re used, and that rocking against hard floors is what loosens joints and scrambles the equipment internally causing unnecessary wear, tear, and breakage.

Gym Source is proud to offer Humane rubber flooring. Humane is the leading manufacturer of rubber flooring for gyms and industrial settings in the U.S. and beyond. Humane produces the highest quality anti-noise, anti-vibration flooring to keep your gym equipment humming quietly when in use.

Humane’s superior quality rubber and vinyl floor tiles and mats will protect your expensive floors and machines from cracks and chips and will also increase the safety of your workout space by removing the threat of slips and falls in sweaty settings like gyms.