All Pro is recognized as a leader in the fitness industry for weight adjustable exercise equipment. As the manufacturer of a variety of adjustable wristbands, ankle weights, belts, and aquatic training equipment, All Pro is the brand of choice for rehabilitation and fitness training equipment.

The patented products produced by All Pro are designed by a former occupational therapist and are specifically designed with safety, comfort, and health in mind. With a range of products offered and various sizes of ankle and wrist weights available, All Pro is able to deliver safety and quality.

All Pro products deliver a number of benefits to users, including a one-size-fits all design that makes them perfect for use in rehabilitation and therapy environments. These weights also feature a contour-foam cushioned fit that provides users with exceptional padding and protection. Weights can be adjusted in ½ lb increments, allowing users to achieve the desired maximum weight for their current workout or therapy routine.

Thanks to the exclusive design employed, All Pro weights allow users to take advantage of full freedom of movement during workouts. Cushioned flaps incorporated into the design of these weights to protect the user while keeping weights secure at the same time. A durable, tough fastener closure ensures that the weights will not slip or move around while the user is performing movements. With All Pro ankle and wrist weights, users can opt to add or remove weights as necessary to take advantage of progressive resistive exercise.  

Manufactured from the highest quality materials, All Pro weights are latex free, ensuring that users never need to worry about the potential for an allergic reaction.

Ideal for beginning recovery or instituting a strength training program, All Pro wrist and ankle weights gives users complete freedom of choice in the ability to progressively increase their training regimen.