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Aeromats offers an extensive line of studio-quality fitness equipment for all levels of aerobic, Pilates, yoga, and fitness practitioners. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to suit specific needs. Each of these mats is specially engineered and constructed from only the highest quality materials to ensure that they are able to provide long-lasting use and durability.

Constructed of premium grade, tear-resistant closed-cell polyfoam, Aeromats are designed for user comfort and provide the additional cushioning needed for maximum comfort. The additional cushioning in Aeromats also provides critical insulation on cold flooring. The water-resistant materials in Aeromats provide extra protection while the non-slip sides grants the benefit of additional traction so that users can be assured of safety throughout their workouts. Ideal for daily workouts, stretching, and Pilates. Yoga and Pilates practitioners are certain to cherish the additional comfort provided by these cushioned mats, which are designed to provide much-appreciated protection on hard floors. Choose from roll-up mats that allow for easy storage or portability. A variety of sizes ensures users are able to find the size that works best for their fitness needs.

The distinctive design of Aeromats ensures they are firm enough to provide users with a stable platform for various workout routines. Yet, at the same time, these mats are thick enough to provide superb comfort while performing matwork. Aeromats also produces premium grade yoga blocks that make it easy for practitioners of all levels to perform a variety of different yoga postures.

With this extensive variety of mats and blocks, users can take advantage of the opportunity to tone and sculpt their bodies, improve balance, and make the most of their workout routines.

Ideal for individual workout sessions as well as for use in group settings, Aeromat products are applicable for a variety of different settings.