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Photo of Terry Poklar

Terry Poklar an 18 year industry veteran was born into the fitness business. His father's company, Completive Edge, was a sales and manufacturing organization based out of NE Ohio. This exposed Terry to the manufacturing & development processes of the time, and helped to mold his future endeavors into bodybuilding, power lifting, and his TRUE passion for the sales and consultative side of the industry.

Terry has held Sales jobs with several of the industry's leading distributors, and began his career in retail sales for Health & Fitness in Cleveland Ohio at the age of 13. He then went on to attend Syracuse University to pursue a career in Architecture. His extensive training in architecture, along with knowledge or CAD, and 3D based software applications, have given him an expertise in Floor planning that is second to none. Couple this with his understanding of the overall fitness world, and Terry offers a perspective that few others can. Terry's dedication to his craft is second to none, and you can be assured that not only can Terry recommend the right products, but he can be a partner in all aspects of the project from concept to completion.

Tampa, FL 33602

Territory: Central FLA & Orlando
Store: Tampa
Phone: 813-679-1133
Email: terryp@gymsource.com


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