Photo of Angela Santoni

Angela Santoni is the Founder and Principle Educator for the Institute of Personal Training Excellence (formerly Corcoran Fitness). A fifteen-year veteran in the wellness arena, she’s held high level positions overseeing personal training and facilities with Equinox, the YMCA and US Fitness (parent company of OneLife, Crunch, Atlanta Fitness and Sport&Health). She also acted as consultant and employee with equipment manufacturers such as Cybex, Life Fitness and Octane.

By maintaining a personal training client base and lecturing on relevant wellness topics, Santoni developed a reputation for upholding and promoting the critical role of exercise in communities, the role of technology and the need for high professional standards. She served as board member for the School Settlement Association and as a main committee member for the Institute of Credentialing Excellence contributing to the first NCCA skill based assessment standard in Personal Training. She lectures globally on a number of relevant wellness subjects.

Santoni earned her BA in Exercise Science from Rutgers University and graduated with honors from Brooklyn College with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science. Her PhD is in Education with a focus on curriculum, leadership and learning. Her doctoral work focuses on the professional development of personal trainers throughout the globe.

While continuing to deliver superior results to the exercise participant, Santoni possess a unique ability to balance the programmatic ideal with fiscal outcome. She has extensive experience in the implementation of effective educational and exercise programs resulting in increased revenue for personal trainers, wellness facilities and equipment manufacturers. By integrating the science and practice of exercise, she advocates for a high standard of practice with strong fiscal and programmatic outcomes.

Baltimore, MD 21210

Territory: NOVA
Store: Tysons
Phone: 571-581-4558


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