As an owner, you have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the right fitness equipment for your facility. At Gym Source, we realize equipment is a big investment, and we want you to make the best choice for your business. With that in mind, we generally advise against purchasing used or refurbished commercial cardio equipment for several reasons.

A typical piece of pre-owned gym equipment that has been used in a facility for even three years has already undergone major wear and tear from everyday use. The average fitness machine endures 10-12 hours of usage per day or more, while continuously being exposed to users' sweat and wet sneakers. In addition, pre-owned machines are usually refurbished with after-market parts as opposed to original parts supplied by the manufacturer. As a buyer, it's a good idea to make sure you know what parts of the machine have been replaced and where those parts came from. It's also quite common for the priciest parts, such as the motor, generator and electronic features, to appear to be in good working condition at the time of the sale, but break down soon after under a brief, or very limited warranty. Used equipment is typically not sold with a warranty from the manufacturer, which puts you at a potential risk for a very steep repair bill.

Purchasing brand new commercial cardio equipment, however, comes with many advantages and virtually no downsides. When you invest in new fitness equipment from a trusted company like Gym Source, your machines will all come with a manufacturer's warranty. So long as you are maintaining the equipment properly and regularly, you may rest easy knowing your investment is covered. Another benefit to purchasing new over used is the guarantee that your machine is updated with the latest features and technology, and offering top-of-the-line equipment is a key component to effectively marketing your facility.

Contact your local Gym Source representative today for more information on buying and leasing our high-quality equipment. We are passionate about helping you set up your fitness facility for success, and our experts are eager to assist you in choosing the right equipment that will do just that.