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Why Incline Training Makes Sense

You expect solid results from your workout investment. So, what’s the R-O-I of your fitness plan? Incline training is a fitness regimen that produces an incredible payoff—for your strength, endurance and cardio health combined.

If you haven’t yet tried an incline trainer like the FreeMotion 2000 GSX, get ready to hit an entirely new level of fit. First, some science: To improve your overall aerobic fitness, you need to consistently work your heart above 75% of your age-predicted maximal heart rate. You can reach that target in one of two ways: (a) training for speed (i.e. running), or (b) training for resistance (i.e. walking on an incline).

Second, some proof: It’s no secret that working out at higher speeds and inclines burns more calories. But what you might not know is that if you only train for speed, you don’t burn as much fat as if you train for resistance via incline training. Recent studies show that incline training at speeds of 2-3 mph burns 30 more calories per hour and burns more fat overall than does running on a flat surface at 6 mph.

Simply put, that means walking at an incline is just as effective as running—while greatly reducing the joint stress and discomfort that many people feel while running.

One of the best incline trainers out there is the FreeMotion 2000 GSX, available exclusively from Gym Source. This training favorite boasts the industry’s widest incline and decline range available (up to 40% incline and -6% decline!) and helps you reach all your calorie- and fat-burning goals: quickly, intensely, powerfully.

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