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Why Everyone Loves the Hoist Half Cage

Why did Men’s Health Magazine rate the Hoist HF-4985 Half Cage Ensemble as the nation’s #1 home gym? Easy—durability and versatility. But don’t take it from us—or even from Men’s Health. Take it from users of the Hoist 4985 who can’t get enough from this strength training workhorse.

With its heavy-duty steel tubing and quality construction, every Hoist half cage unit is built to last. Satisfied Hoist customers notice; online reviews for the HF-4985 include customers who say:

“Bought mine 6 years ago. It works exactly as it did the day I got it.”

“Have had my system for 10 years now. Very durable and solid construction.”

“It’s been put thru [sic] its paces…the cheaper units available would have never lasted.”

Another popular aspect of the HF-4985 is its space-saving design, which sacrifices nothing in terms of functional versatility. Its double-side racking system features 10 free weight and 10 linear Smith exercise positions, so you can perform a wide range of strength-training exercises. Its EZ-Loc Latching automatically disengages when you lift the frame, and the unit holds your free weights to keep them from cluttering up your home gym. The vertical frame gives you the option to work out in different directions according to your preference.

Finally, you can feel satisfied knowing that the Hoist HF-4985 Half Cage ensemble is fully backed by Hoist and Gym Source. The frame itself comes with a lifetime warranty, and our experienced Gym Source team is always available to provide service and expertise whenever you need us.

Looking for a top-rated home gym you can be proud to have in your home? See for yourself at Gym Source why strength trainers and fitness fans love the HF-4985.

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