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Why Competition is Helpful in Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Why Competition is Helpful in Reaching Your Fitness Goals
Competition Helps Fitness Goals
One excellent workout tool you can employ to help you reach your fitness goals is competition. Not only does competition encourage you to push yourself harder, but it also creates a higher level of accountability. Additionally, to be successful you have to identify both your goals and a strategy to accomplish them.
Tips on how to get started creating a competitive fitness plan:
  • Define Your Competition:
    It can be anything, such as placing in a fitness competition, a wager between a group of friends or an individual goal such as beating a personal record or completing a marathon.
  • Make a Plan:
    The act of joining a competition alone won’t help you reach your goals. It is imperative that you have a solid vision of your goals, a definition of success and a strategy to reach your goals. Remember, whatever you are competing for, the goal is to use competition as motivation and inspiration to challenge your current fitness program. Having a plan creates measurable action steps to reach new levels.
  • Incentivize Your Workouts:
    What are you wagering? Is it a friendly competition with silly repercussions for the loser? Is it a monetary reward for maintaining a weekly commitment? Is it a trip, new wardrobe or prizes for specific weight loss? However you choose to incentivize the ongoing challenge, wagering means you will be more motivated to meet your goals.
  • Mix-up Your Workouts:
    In order to achieve new goals you will have to try new things. For example, to increase weight loss you may have to change your workout to be more cardio intense, or you might have to try new equipment that you have not previously integrated into your workout. Adding variety to your workouts is an excellent way to challenge your body and get it out of a rut.
  • Track Your Progress:
    It is easier to stick to lifestyle changes if you can definitively know what works for you. Tracking your health, diet and fitness helps you make informed decisions about if the steps you are taking are getting you closer to your overall goal. Additionally, it is motivating to look back and have a clear picture of the progress you have made.
Whatever style of competition that drives you, just remember; progress = success!
Ultimately, the goal of competition is to increase accountability, effectiveness and variety of your workouts, and excitement for fitness. Competition should be viewed as a support system, as having a team of people with similar commitments to fitness is motivating and challenging.
We want you to be part of that support system and help you enjoy the process while doing it. So, if you need help choosing the right equipment to reach your goals, or are new to working out and intimidated about where to begin, connect with one of our equipment experts. We have all the top home fitness equipment to support you in your fitness goals.

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