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What’s New on the Fitness Market

By Norm Morrison

I’ve always been impressed by SPRI. Although this noted pioneer of effective toning and strength training equipment (like their trailblazing line of training balls, exercise mats, resistance tubes and more)  could easily rest on its laurels, the company continues to innovate—and stay on the cutting edge of fitness.

Take the SPRI Professional Xercise™ ball, which is absolutely ideal for light institutional and home use. Not only is this versatile, high-grade ball perfect ball for individual use, but its slow-deflate up to 300 pounds makes it appropriate for all sorts of body resistance strength and flexibility activities (which you’ll find in rich detail on the SPRI web site).

What size ball should you buy? Proper ball size is always determined by the user’s height. Here’s how you can tell: When seated on the ball, your hips and knees should be close to parallel with the floor. If it helps, here are SPRI’s suggested size chart to determine which ball size is recommended for your height:

45cm – 5’ and under

55cm – 5’ – 5’7”

65cm – 5’8” – 6’3”

75cm – Over 6’3”.

But take note: SPRI’s Professional Xercise balls are inflated to size—not pressure. When you begin the inflation process, mark on a door or wall the recommended height of the inflated ball (that way you’ll know when to stop).

45cm: inflate to 17 in.

55cm: inflate to 21 in.

65cm: inflate to 25 in.

75cm: inflate to 29 in.

Gym Source is proud to carry SPRI exercise equipment for many reasons—constant product improvement, innovation and durability most of all—but we love that with SPRI, every product comes backed with an incredible level of expertise and guidance direct from the manufacturer to YOU. And that’s who we’re here to serve.

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