Posted Dec 3, 2013 by Gym Source in Featured Fitness Products.

What makes the TRUE CS550 treadmill different?

One of the newest trends in fitness equipment is a focus on “user friendliness.” With so many treadmills from which to choose, we love the user-friendly design of the TRUE CS550—a feature that sets it apart from other treadmills in its class.

The User-Friendly Difference The CS550 incorporates true iOS support, so it’s easy to use (and charge) a mobile device while working out. Plus, the 15” touch screen console also incorporates live TV, so users can get a cardio boost while keeping up with their favorite show or Netflix binge.

What’s more, the CS550’s focus on user-friendliness isn’t just about music and entertainment. First, it’s ideal for either a home gym or fitness studio due to its smaller, more efficient footprint (making room for other fitness accessories, should you desire). Second, it focuses on letting the user totally customize his or her workout.

The touchscreen not only displays gorgeous landscape photos for inspiration (for those not watching a show), but it also precisely monitors performance in a simple, easily configurable way—including personalized workout options that enable everyone from new users, to marathon competitors, to users recovering from injury to adjust to their particular needs.

Put it all together, and the CS550 is a treadmill that can handle the most experienced user’s punishment but is also a welcoming and easy-to-use piece of equipment for beginners. We can totally endorse this concept – anything that makes it easier for people to work out gets our seal of approval.

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