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What Makes a Well-Constructed Home Gym?

When it comes to home gyms, is bigger necessarily better? In a word, no. The key elements to look for are sound engineering and quality components. Here’s what to look for:

First, check out the sturdiness of the machine. Look at the details: Examine the welding. Scrutinize safety catches. Feel the seat padding.

Second, check the specs. Ideally, your home gym frame should be made with 12-gauge steel, with cables of a tensile strength of at least 2,500 lbs. Plus, check that the weight stack is rubberized to minimize noise and impact.

Third, shop around. The compact yet sleek and attractive Hoist V4-Elite Gym is a good example of a powerful machine that comes in a relatively small package. Supplied with a standard weight stack of 150 lbs. that can be upgraded by 50 lbs. increments, this sturdy machine weighs in at 609 lbs. total and measures 83.50”H x 80.50”W x 48.35”D. It features a patented leg station that allows users to do leg curl exercises and leg extensions from a comfortable seated position, with self-aligning roller pads that adjust automatically to the user’s leg length. This home gym also has a multi-function back pad and what can only be described as the ultimate press arm.

The Tuff Stuff AXT-3D User Defined Home Gym (Deluxe) has an absolutely solid and very stable tubular steel main frame, as well as a 3-point “off-the-floor” contact frame. Slightly smaller (68” x 52”), and fractionally higher (84”) than the V4, this machine weighs in at 500 lbs., and comes with a lifetime guarantee “on everything” (provided it’s used in a home environment). Cables are made from 3/16” military spec nylon-coated cable—and its pulleys, which have sealed bearings, are made from solid aluminum. The 200-lb. black-steel weight plates are protected with full-length shields. It has a number of features including unique “outrigger arms” that are fully adjustable and allow for an unlimited variety of fee-style cable-movement exercises.

Got questions? Get to Gym Source. We’ll help you find the perfect home gym for your needs.

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