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What makes a smarter dumbbell?

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Free weights are a versatile addition to any home gym. They provide efficient, effective, total body home workouts. But, We’ve all felt it—that thrill of graduating to heavier dumbbells, followed by frustration when the larger weight limits our range of motion and results.

But now, NuBells offer relief with a revolutionary new dumbbell design that packs the same punch as popular pro-style dumbbells, but is designed for the 21st century.

First, NuBells have two key features that free weight aficionados crave—a solid steel core construction and protective outer coating available in a variety of colors. The steel core provides long-lasting durability, while the coating ensures a comfortable grip and protection for your floor.

Second (and what separates NuBells from the rest), NuBells feature an innovative disc design unlike any other dumbbell on the market—with weight compacted toward the wrist. The result is a dumbbell that lets your chest, shoulders and triceps do the work, while taking the strain off your wrists. Plus, unlike hex-head or pro-style bells (which can interfere with body movement and rotation as they increase in size), the ergonomic disc design of NuBells allows for greater internal rotation during pressing or fly motions. (Meaning, the bell won’t bang against your body, even as its weight increases.)

Best of all, NuBells take up far less space than other bells, and can even double as barbell plates using an optional bar accessory. Their compact design complements smaller fitness spaces by requiring less storage space. 

The result of adding NuBells to your home gym and fitness routine? You can work your targeted muscles harder without putting any strain on tendons, ligaments and joints. 

See if you and NuBells are a match here.
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