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Posted Jan 4, 2016 by Gym Source in Vibration Training and tagged Vibration Training, vibration training workouts.

What is Vibration Training, Anyway?

Vibration Training

Vibration training can be a really intriguing, yet confusing topic. Maybe you’ve heard of it, but do you really understand it? How can a vibrating platform really help you reach your fitness goals? Can you just stand on it and lose weight? Are there specialized exercises?

It all started when the Russian space program found that using full body vibration training was able to combat the adverse effects of reduced gravity on astronauts. Ballerinas were next to try vibration training, using it to speed up recovery from minor injuries. From there it quickly spread, being utilized by many professional athletes first in Russia, then spreading to early adopters in Europe. It has now become a common part of many gyms in Europe, and is now beginning to take hold in America.

In essence, the plate vibrates, and you stand on it while doing bodyweight or free weight exercises. In Power Plate models, the plate vibrates in three natural planes – vertically, horizontally, and back to front, all at a distance of 1-3mm, between 30 and 40 times per second. This vibration brings about many benefits. It activates 40% more muscle fibers than doing the same exercises on stable ground. Studies published by PLOS ONE and BioMed Central found improvements in stability and posture. It is also beneficial in increasing blood flow and bone mass, especially in older users.

But this isn’t some mystical platform that will give you all these benefits just by standing on it. Vibration training should be looked at as a way to get more out of exercises traditionally on the open floor; anything from squats to bicep curls can be improved by vibration training. It can also give a boost to your stretching routine, getting the blood flowing. But keep in mind the central point – the vibration won’t work unless you do.

So whether you’re looking to try out this new piece of equipment at your local gym, or considering purchasing your own personal vibration plate as an addition to your home fitness space, now you know what all the fuss is about. Give it a go, and unlock all the benefits vibration training has to offer! Watch the video below to see the Personal Power Plate in action at the NYC Marathon Expo:


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