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Wearing Your Workout, Tracking Your Progress


It doesn’t take a fitness connoisseur to know that there’s a new trend in the exercise industry: wearable fitness. And in 2014, this term refers to so much more than clipping a pedometer onto your belt. From free app downloads on your mobile phone to wristbands that keep track of a long list of data, these types of products are experiencing record growth. What is especially “hot” in the industry today is the ability to merge wearable devices, mobile phones, and personal entertainment devices like iPods and iPads with exercise consoles.

Icon and FreeMotion have been collaborating on ideas for a new product, and the results are exciting. Their tracker, set to be released next month, allows users to sync exercise machines and personal data simply by touching the device to the console screen. With a single motion the tracker uploads all your information and will monitor your exercise directly on whatever ICON machine you are using, such as the i11.9 Incline Trainer available at Gym Source. The device will also track your activities on strength equipment like functional trainers and Live Axis. When you’re done working out, just tap the machine again and your workout stats are instantly uploaded onto the tracker.

Being the comprehensive tracker that it is, the new FreeMotion product will also log any exercise you do off the machine, whether you’re out for a jog or at a yoga class. The idea is to integrate all your data into a single platform so that working out is more convenient, efficient, and effective.

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