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Rowing: As Seen on TV!

If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix series House of Cards, then you’ve seen President Underwood unwind with a water-resistant rowing machine. But why have fluid rowers earned such a coveted place among the powered elite (fictitious or otherwise) so fast?

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It’s all about the ride. Fluid rowers, especially the Viking 2AR fluid rower from First Degree Fitness, are designed to provide an absolutely smooth, totally consistent stroke from start to finish. The rower’s triple-blade impellers provide constant, consistent tension and recoil action. That means no dead spots (which you’re prone to experience on a traditional air rower).

Plus, a fluid rower like Viking’s is built for a totally personalized workout. With adjustable fluid resistance technology, the Viking 2AR achieves the Holy Grail of fluid rower innovation by letting you change resistance levels instantly at the turn of a knob (a feature missing from water rowers until recently). The easily adjustable footplates ensure comfortable, customized body positioning; the ergonomic handlebars reduce forearm and joint strain while protecting hands with a cushioned grip.

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Finally, fluid rowers win the day due to their ultra-quiet operation. On the Viking 2AR, the Delron seat wheels and steel-sealed bearings provide a silky-smooth, super-silent workout experience. (That’s a plus if you rock out while you row, or if your fitness room is situated close to where others may be sleeping.)

You may never get to play POTUS on screen, but with a 2AR water-resistant rowing machine, you can discard the stress of daily life—and get in an incredible workout besides—with a superior machine that delivers excellence in every feature. Try one yourself at Gym Source.

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