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Untraditional Yoga Options for Non-Yogis

Everyone has different preferences when it comes fitness. Some people love dark cycle classes with heart pumping, ear-blasting music. Others like the control and focus of pilates or barre; to each his or her own! But there is something to be said for switching up your normal routine and trying something new for the benefit of your mind and your body.

You’ve heard about the benefits of yoga: increased flexibility, blood flow, strength, mood, relaxation, sleep and so on, and people keep telling you to try it, but what if traditional yoga just isn’t your thing?

The good news is that the fitness industry is growing and changing everyday. More options and niche studios are popping up all over the country offering something for everyone. Getting the benefits of yoga doesn’t have to come from the traditional style. Take a look at these progressive yoga styles that might get your blood pumping:

Aerial/Antigravity Yoga

Turn yoga on it’s head by using supportive fabrics to get all the benefits of yoga without the strain on your body. You’ll hang upside down, sideways, and any way you can possibly imagine. We promise, this is like no yoga you’ve ever tried before.

Mommy Yoga

If you’ve recently had a baby or have young children, finding time to exercise can be extremely challenging. Thankfully, there are yoga poses you can do while actually holding your child. The extra weight will help you build strength as well as a strong relationship with your baby.

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga

For the adventurous, outdoorsy types, there’s SUP yoga where you do traditional and modified poses on a paddleboard. If you’ve ever paddleboarded on your feet, you know it’s not as easy as it looks. SUP yoga is not for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, the instability will force your body to work harder to balance on the waves, making you noticeably stronger and more stable everyday.

Aqua Yoga

For a low-intensity yoga alternative, aqua yoga is great for beginners or people with injuries. “With the release of gravity, the body is able to find the optimal stretch.” Also, if you’re at all concerned about losing your balance in traditional yoga, you have nothing to worry about in the water.

After you learn the basics, yoga is a great practice at home where you can be the most relaxed. If you choose to practice your own form of yoga at home, ensure you have the proper form by consulting instructors, online tutorials, or using what you’ve learned in classes. Also, you’ll need a few things including a yoga mat, 1-2 yoga blocks, a yoga strap and a balance block. Getting the many benefits of yoga doesn’t have to mean chanting “ohm” in a crowded room. Make it your own and yoga your way to better health inside and out.

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