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Two New Products from Power Plate Have the Fitness Industry Buzzing

You may know Power Plate as a fitness equipment company dedicated to designing high-performance products that are perfect for use in commercial settings, such as health clubs and medical facilities. Recently the company unveiled two new products that are helping them keep up the trend as a leader in the industry: the Pro7HC and the Pro5 AIRdaptive HP.

The Pro7HC is a new machine in the brand’s line of vibration equipment. Rigorous scientific testing has demonstrated that the machine is perfect for addressing a range of medical conditions and improving recovery time. The Pro7HC is ideally suited for medical facilities, from doctors’ offices to treatment centers, and has programs focused on neurological health, pain relief, and other common conditions. The machine has all the technological trimmings you’d expect from PowerPlate, including an integrated LCD touch screen, a built-in heart rate monitor, and multidirectional cables. See more here:

The Pro5 AIRdaptive HP is another vibration machine that is designed to meet the needs of top performance athletes. It provides ample surface exposure for vibration, has AIRdaptive Technology, and offers 20% more output than other vibration machines. Athletes can work in all directions to train and benefit from 360 degrees of motion. Read more about the features and creative design elements of this model here:

Expect both new models to be available at Gym Source soon.

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