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Tuff Stuff SXT 550

Enjoy a virtual product demonstration of the TuffStuff SXT 550 Hybrid Home Gym with one of Gym Source’s equipment experts.

The TuffStuff SXT 550 is a universal home gym that also supports functional training movements. The SXT 550 machine incorporates a low, mid, and high pulley system to create a very versatile piece of home gym equipment that is good for families, athletes, and even beginners. The product is very easy to use and very comprehensive in what it offers.

Walk through the product features, highlights and benefits of the TuffStuff Home Gym:

Connect with a Gym Source equipment expert to personally try out the Tuff Stuff Home Gym. Our team can demonstrate both the traditional chest press on the SXT, and how to incorporate the cables to seamlessly go from a flat, to an incline, to a decline press and even into a fly if you wanted to do a super set.

We can walk you through how to incorporate your legs into your workout, without standing up. The versatile home gym creates the opportunity to move from different leg workouts – all from the seated position.

The SXT is ideal for anyone who is looking for longevity in a piece of home fitness equipment. The 200 pound weight stack is perfect for any fitness level, and allows you to continue your progress on the same machine as you reach new fitness goals.

In addition, the SXT 550 just won Fit Prof’s 2017’s best home gym on the market – for a second year in a row!

Want to test drive the TuffStuff SXT 550 Home Gym? Visit your local Gym Source Store. Need help choosing a different home fitness equipment solution? Connect with a Gym Source equipment expert.


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