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Treadmill Tips: Using the Incline Feature

Want to ramp up your fitness routine? Changing the incline on your treadmill can help. A study published by the University of Colorado in January, 2012, found that walking at a 9% incline activates the long head of the hamstring muscles 635% more than does walking on level surfaces. The study also showed that the gluteous maximus (glute) muscle had more than 345% activation during this activity. But even more gradual inclines had a positive effect: In the same study, inclines of 3- 5% showed a significant effect on muscle activity.

That said, when it comes to exercising on a treadmill, how high you set the incline can help reach your goals even faster. What’s more, when working out on a treadmill, setting the incline a shade or two higher helps you factor in the natural forces you’d otherwise encounter if you were running, cycling or exercising outside. For instance, you may have wind resistance even on a level road; this chart can help you set the correct incline to take that into account. On a more basic level, when you adjust the incline on a treadmill based on a percentage, remember that it’s typically based on a percentage of 45-degrees.

For more information about adjusting your treadmill, call your local Gym Source and we’re happy to help.

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