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Treadmill Feeling More Like a Dreadmill?

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When given the option to run outdoors or on a treadmill, the majority of runners normally choose to feel the earth beneath their feet. Runners tend to associate a treadmill workout with the words tedious, tiresome, and boring. We found a few ways to make treadmill workouts more appealing and stimulating. These tricks may actually make you want to choose indoor runs on a treadmill over running outside. Crazy, we know, but give these a shot:

Customize Your Run

To mimic the outdoor terrain indoors, focus on creating hills for your body to run up. Treadmills give you the unique experience of customizing your workout: making inclines whenever you want and however intense you want, without relying on any specific route or the conditions outside.

Choose a base speed, then increase the incline slowly every 5 minutes. This allows you to increase endurance and build up power and strength in your legs and heart. The BH Fitness S5Ti is the perfect treadmill for practicing hills. It has a shock absorbing belt that makes it more comfortable running those long distances indoors.

Watch this video to learn more about the BH Fitness S5Ti treadmill:

Combine Cardio with Strength

By hopping on and off the machine and adding in floor exercises, you give your legs, and attention span, a break from running while still keeping that heart pumping. Run for 10 minutes and then step off the treadmill to complete a set of 10 pushups, 15 crunches, and 10 lunges. Continue switching between 10 minutes of running and these sets for the ultimate cross-training experience. By adding strengthening exercises to a cardio workout, you can exercise your muscles for more definition to achieve an all around toned look and good luck getting bored! Just make sure your treadmill comes to a complete stop before hopping off.

Creature Comforts

The one great thing about being indoors is that you can completely customize your environment. Cold and rainy outside? Run in your warm, dry basement away from the elements. Tired of your same old running playlist? Use your home’s Wi-Fi to search out the exact songs you want in that precise moment. When running outdoors, do you rely on the scenery to distract you on your outdoor runs? Put a TV in your home workout space. Multitask by watching the morning news or get pulled into your favorite drama to make your run go by faster.

Especially for distance runners, we know treadmill days aren’t your favorite. Try these tricks to get the most out of your indoor runs and customize your workout to make the treadmill feel a little less dreadful.

Also, check out our selection of treadmills online or talk to an equipment expert in one of our showrooms. While treadmills can all seem the same, there are subtle differences that help you get the most out of your indoor runs.

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