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TRAINER SPOTLIGHT: Steve Satin | Boston, MA

Steve Satin, owner of Satin Wellness, a thriving in-home personal training practice headquartered in Boston (but serving clients throughout New England and beyond) has a unique aspect to his fitness family: Wellness Specialists. These highly motivating, certified “mobile fitness pros” are dedicated to creating customized personal training programs–particularly for mid-life clients.

“There’s folks out there that want to live their lives, yet something is holding them back: be it age, weight, injury, illness, or fear,” Steve said. “It’s an honor to get them moving again, back to living their lives to the very best of their ability.” Satin Wellness has provided hundreds of successful home visits in the 23 years since Steve brought his idea and dream of personal fitness training, literally, home.

What Steve does, and Gym Source helps him do, is build confidence through small attainable goals that keep clients engaged and motivated, regardless of where that finish line is.

“Fitness training for us isn’t how much you can lift, how many reps you can do,” Steve explained with passion. “Often people, especially those of us over 40, need help regaining strength and range of motion to live their lives fully. That’s what we love to do.”

Living Well is a Healthy Goal

The goal of Satin Wellness is to bring health and wellness home – literally – for people looking to live well. Steve developed a proprietary program, LROME™ (Limited Range of Motion Exercise) to help people recover from surgery, rehab after injury, heal post illness, or manage movement with a chronic condition; to live life to the fullest despite age, illness, injury or specific situation. In 2012, he authored Strength to Live, a 25 minute workout exclusively for the over 50 population to increase strength and flexibility safely using LROME™. “This methodology is changing lives, we see it everyday, and now I educate and certify other trainers and exercise physiologists, so more people can benefit from the program.”

Steve attributes his success by surrounding himself with passionate, intelligent people and the exercise equipment and tools to complement their work.

“Our clients expect only the very best, with high-end, personalized, top-quality instruction, expertise, education, and equipment,” Steve said. “So when a trainer or a client is looking for equipment, there’s only one place we refer: Gym Source.” Steve insists his trainers and clients consistently receive VIP treatment at Gym Source, with access to the best equipment and advice, and customer service to make each feel like the most important customer.

“Many companies purchase equipment through Gym Source after having me present my corporate program for C-Level business executives called Strength to Lead, which teaches the link between health, fitness and business performance,” Steve writes. In 2013 Steve developed a complementary employee program Strength to Live, which encourages employees to make their health a priority.

“When you surround yourself with intelligent, passionate people, you end up with loyal, passionate clients that will work hard for you, because you’re working hard for them.”

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